How easy is it to rank a site with minimal budget? pt. 1


/ 05.03.2018

How easy is it to rank a site with minimal budget? pt. 1

Janak Dhokia

I’ve asked myself this on a few occasions now and recently I was met with an opportunity to test it. I was approached by a new client in the Occupational Health sector who had very little budget for his online marketing. Usually it’s not an attractive win for an agency, however, I decided that this time I would see how far we could get in 6 months.

My aim is to follow all the best practices from the initial research phases all throughout the website build, launch and ongoing SEO, all with a view to see some page 1 rankings in around 6 months.

So, I said little budget right? Well let’s be completely transparent. £800 is the total figure with a 6-month timeframe. Yep, that’s how little we’re talking. And this doesn’t mean we’ll be buying thousands of irrelevant links to see a sudden spike in traffic before being hit with multiple penalties. This will be done by the books.

So where do we start?

A thousand things running through my head and trying to make mental notes of everything that will need to be thought about.

Make sure the site runs fast. AMP, we need AMP by July! Keywords. GMB page. Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks.

So we started with a conversation. More one-way to be honest, as I know as little about occupational health as the client knows about SEO. I needed to understand who he was, what the business was about, what was he trying to achieve, who are his customers?

By slowly understanding the business I was able to think like a marketing chap from the businesses perspective. I see too many agencies follow a ‘one size fits all approach.’ By doing this you miss out on those small golden nuggets that are ready to be capitalised on.

Conversation done. Now what?

So now I’m in the mind-set of an occupation health advisor it’s time to make a start.

He told me that he had paid 3 times to have a website built. I looked at it. It was shameful. I’m talking messy UI, text on banners as JPEGs, pages loading slower than when I used to use dial-up. That bad.

I had 2 options, go with it and save budget for all the off-site SEO or bite the bullet and use budget to re-build the site. So being the honest digital marketer I am it was safe to say I had to bite the bullet.

And there goes half the budget.

On the plus side it’s important to know that a well built website is the foundation of your online marketing. I’d rather attract 50 visits a month that are more likely to convert into business then 1,000 that will bounce immediately.

So I sent the brief over to the design team to create some stunning and functional designs based on the industry.

Next time we’ll begin the ever exciting and in my eyes one of the most important stages. The research phase.
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